Kaunch Beej Benefits

Kaunch Beej Benefits, Kapikachhu

Benefits of Kaunch Beej

Kaunch beej or Mucuna Pruriens are fruits of a deciduous plant covered in a longitudinally ribbed pod. One fruit contains 4-5 seeds and has purple coloured hairs outside which if come in contact with skin causes irritating blisters. The seeds inside the ribbed pods are used as Mucuna Pruriens but roots and leaves of this plant too possess medicinal and herbal properties. Traditionally these seeds were used to treat snake bite but today these are used in wide range of health supplements and Ayurvedic supplements to treat disorders, maintain health and improve virility. These seeds are high in protein containing 20-29%, healthy fat 6-7%, dietary fibre 8-10%, carbohydrates 50-60% and healthy percentage of minerals, alkaloids, saponins, and sterols. This rare composition of this herb is responsible for wide range of Kaunch Beej benefits.

Ability to provide higher muscle mass and muscular energy are major Kapikachhu benefits. This herb is oily andunctuous and possesses ability to balance all three myrobalans Kapha, Vaayu and Pitta described as three doshas in Ayurveda. Longevity and aphrodisiac properties are other Kapikachhu benefits which make this herb special. The key to longevity is presence of health promoting hormonesin body. Maintaining hormonal balance and release of healthy hormones in optimum quantity are major Kaunch Beej benefits. This herb is aphrodisiac as it promotes release of testosterone hormone in males and enhances flow of blood towards genital region in males and females both. Mucuna Pruriens benefits males and females both. This herb is administered in females too for treating problems like low energy and menstrual irregularities. It is prolific Ayurvedic medicine for treating problem of scanty and heavily flowing periods and excessive white vaginal discharge. Mucuna Pruriens benefits improve male fertility. This herb has been found very beneficial for increasing sperm count and semen volume in males.

Ability to promote higher libido in males and females are other Kaunch beej benefits. The aphrodisiac properties of this herb are exceptionally beneficial in keeping reproductive system healthy and energized and keep desire and drive in males and females higher for lovemaking. Providing sharp and calm mind are other benefits of Kaunch Beej. Treatment of insomnia, depression and diseases like Parkinson's are major Kapikachhu benefits. This herb possesses properties to balance chemical composition in brain and suppress presence of stress-causing hormones to bring sound sleep. Mucuna Pruriens benefits in improving digestive system and flush poisonous and harmful chemicals from blood. It has been used traditionally as remedy from snake bite due to its strong and ferocious abilities to fight back hazardous chemicals and acids which find a way into blood stream.

Uses of Kapikachhu

Kapikachhu benefits and its uses are wide ranging and immense. This herb contains 40 mg of L-DOPA in each gram. This compound is precursor to Dopamine which stimulates pituitary gland and maintains healthy release of growth hormones throughout life. The release of growth hormone begins to decline after age of 20 years consistently which is reckoned as process of ageing. By maintaining optimum level of growth hormones this herb keeps health sound and protect body from debilities and weaknesses. Major benefits of Kapikachhu is that it increases growth hormones and level of youth hormones with throwing other hormones and glands off-balance.

Kaunch beej benefits males with poor vitality. This herb contains nutrients like protein and healthy fat and also supplements dietary fibre which speed-up metabolism and growth of muscles. Strong muscles and upbeat metabolism maintain energy and strength. Higher secretion of growth hormones is one of the main benefits of Kapikachhu. In presence of growth hormones body utilizes nutrition provided by the herb and rejuvenates entire health.

Optimum level of testosterone hormone is another one of the important benefits of Kapikachhu. Males suffering with low libido due to reasons like poor diet, medication, poor testicular functions, unhealthy lifestyle and side effects of treatments and diseases gain optimum production and release of this youth hormone to cure problem of low libido and numerous other male disorders. Males suffering with PE or premature ejaculation are also recommended Mucuna Pruriens as supplement. Higher libido, longer staying power in bed and rejuvenated reproductive system are other benefits of Mucuna Pruriens.

Mucuna Pruriens is used in treating male infertility as well. The benefits of Mucuna Pruriens boost-up functions of testicles, improve its link with pituitary gland and supplements nutrition to promote production of healthy and motile sperms in higher number. This herb protects healthy sperms from damages and open-up blockages in sperm canals to allow smooth ejaculation of sperms to maximize chances of conception.

Males suffering with issues like involuntary loss of semen, either through urine or through wet dreams etc. are also recommended this herb. Benefits of Kaunch beej are wonderful in resolving these issues and improve male fertility and lovemaking abilities. Not only for males this herb is beneficial for females as well suffering with problems like irregular menstrual cycle, vaginal dryness or leucorrhoea. This herb strengthens reproductive organs of males and females both by enhancing flow of blood to resolve issues and disorders related to reproductive system. Women suffering with low production of breast milk also gain benefits by using this herb.

Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens are wonderful for brain health. This herb has shown capabilities to protect brain functions by checking neural and cognitive activities both. It has shownheartening results in improving neural activities and is administered in people suffering with Parkinson's disease. This herb is highly beneficial in treating depression and insomnia. It is also used to improve quality of sleep in individuals suffering with disturbed sleep.

Action of powerful antioxidants make it highly useful herb. It works as rejuvenating and anti-ageing supplement which keeps overall health of a person sound and upbeat. This herb contains alkaloids, saponins and sterol along with wide range of minerals in bioactive form.

Effects of Kapikachhu are wonderful for healthy digestive system. This herb improves digestion and promotes faster metabolism of complex food items to improve energy production and supplementation of nutrients.

Mucuna Pruriens for Men Health

Mucuna Pruriens is beneficial for males and females both but benefits of Kaunch beej are specifically highly beneficial for men. This herb takes care of all-round health of a male and improves quality of his life. Kaunch Beej benefits males by providing fitter and stronger body. Stress and in-abstinences in diet and lifestyle incessantly strain health and promote physical and mental disorders. Many males fall in bad habits like excessive and regular alcohol intake, smoking excessively or using drugs etc. Males also become habitual of self-stimulation. All these factors can jeopardize male's health and if these habits are not checked their side effects can harm mental health too severely. Apart from these relatively milder reasons like lethargic lifestyle, lack of exercises, fatty food and consumption of harmful foods and drinks on regular basis are also harmful for health. Mucuna Pruriens benefits males by rejuvenating entire physical, mental and sexual health. The super-charged antioxidants this herb possesses curb free-radical mechanism which grow-up due to ageing and other factors to deplete health and speed-up ageing process. And it also fights back stress by reenergizing organs and systems of the body.

Due to weaknesses and debilities male reproductive system suffers biggest setback. The functions of male reproductive system are largely dependent over hormonal balance. Males can lose their balance due to minor to major reasons, slowly or quickly the hormonal imbalance weakens reproductive system and slows down its functions. The slowness and weakness in reproductive system raises depressing symptoms like early discharge, erection problems, low semen volume low sperm count and involuntary loss of semen. These issues not only stop a male from performing in bed but wipes-off his ability to reproduce. If these issues surge at young age males can suffer with serious mental disorders and can even become depressed. Mucuna Pruriens for men health is tonic as it can resolve these problems safely and in a short time. Males at any age can use this herb to recover from these problems fast and holistically.

Ability to improve brain functions is not only beneficial property of Mucuna Pruriens for men health but also for female health. The biggest content of this herb is L-DOPA. This is precursor to neurotransmitters particularly dopamine and also for adrenaline and noadrenaline. These neurotransmitters improve neural activity of brain, these reverse ill-effects over brain functions caused by ageing, health disorders and chemical imbalance. Chemical imbalance in brain weakens memory, alertness and cause fuzzy mind. Kaunch Beej benefits by enhancing brain functions and is reliable remedy to check progression of deadly diseases like Parkinson's. It is potent stress-buster and also relieves mental tensions.

Best Quality Kaunch Capsules In India

Kaunch Shakti capsules possess herbs like Kaunch, Shatavari and Ashwagandha as main ingredients. These herbs are processed in decoction of other herbs which are Ashwagandha, Bala, Musli Sya and Gokhuru. Without doubts use of these supplements provides maximum Kapikachhu benefits. The method of making these supplements is such that all the positive traits of herbs get invigorated and no impurities and contamination remain to provide maximum benefits. Mucuna Pruriens for men health is renowned for its benefits, Kaunch Shakti capsules possess this as main herb and energize male body, grow muscle mass, keep systems and organs healthy to improve male's vitality. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules are hormonal balancer which is compulsory for longevity and sound mental health. Mucuna Pruriens benefits provide a male age-defying virility and cure problems related to fertility. These by supplementing bioactive nutrients remove deficiencies and fulfil requirements of the body. Kaunch Shakti capsules are available at Ayush Remedies. Here one can get genuine supplements at best price.

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