Ayurvedic Herbal Sex Enhancer Pills for Men

Ayurvedic Herbal Sex Enhancer Pills for Men

Causes of Low Libido In Men

The causes of low libido in men are varied these can be physical, psychological or mental. Frigidity is majorly related with women rather than men but large percentage of men also faces this problem. Reasons are mainly outcome of poor diet and lifestyle which increase strain over body and mind of males and make them weak from inside. Many men are genetically predisposed to certain diseases and disorders which also become reasons of low libido at some point of time by promoting weaknesses and disorders. Some of the major causes of low libido in men are as follows.

Hormonal problems - Hormones are secreted by glands on instruction of brain. Brain has hypothalamus which instructs pituitary gland reckoned as master gland controlling all the glands of body and their functions. Hormonal disturbances are major causes of low libido as fluctuations in their levels can bring weakness in reproductive system, weaken physical health and also raise psychological problems - all of these are major causes of low libido in males. Testosterone is main hormone which is vital for maintaining male's libido, level of this hormone depletes with age but depletion due to ageing is gradual and slow whereas reduction in level of this hormone due to other reasons is fast and steep. Sudden drop in level of testosterone brings depressing symptoms and reduces male's keenness and drive for lovemaking quickly and considerably. Scarcity of this hormone is also responsible for causing muscular weaknesses and poor brain functions. Sudden drop in level of testosterone is caused by bad habits like alcohol, smoking and excessive hand-practice, and by poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and problems related to testicles. Infections and conditions like autoimmune disorder are also responsible for causing low testosterone levels.

Males suffering with poor thyroid functions, high blood sugar due to scarcity of insulin hormone and high cholesterol levels due to poor metabolism caused by scarcity of digestive hormones and enzymes also cause low libido by wiping-off energy and stamina. Release of harmful hormones which promote stress and anxiety affect sleep process, quality of sleep and mental calmness gradually affect vitality of a male negatively and reduce his desire for lovemaking. Ayurvedic sex enhancer pills for men handle hormonal problems very effectively, not only these elevate level of testosterone hormone but also relieve scarcity of other hormones which affect metabolism and deplete energy and vitality.

Medication - There are certain types of medicines which cause side effects and reduce libido in males. Diuretics, corticosteroids, anti-depressant, anti-psychotics, cancer medicines and few more have been identified as medicines with side effect of low libido. Other than these, use of steroids, opioids, sedatives, NSAIDs etc. for a long term also causes low libido in males. These medicines disturb hormonal balance and cause weaknesses which reduce a male's desire for lovemaking. Ayurvedic libido enhancer pills for men naturally protect male reproductive system from side effects of these medicines and maintain male's virility and potency.

Sexual problems - Males can acquire different kinds of disorders which prevent them from making gratifying love. These disorders not only wipe-off male’s fun and pleasure but also make them embarrassed in bed which hurts their self-esteem. These issues make a male disenchanted and less interested lover. Issues like erectile dysfunctions which can occur due to low testosterone levels, damaged nerves and tissues, poor flow of blood and psychological problems are major reasons of low libido. Early discharge due to weak nerves and poor emotional status embarrass a male in bed and cause low libido.

Poor prostate functions cause problems like semen with urine, pain during urination and damaged urinary canal which cause discomfort during lovemaking and also reduce semen volume considerably. Males ejaculating low volume of semen do not gain any pleasure on climax which takes away their interest in lovemaking. Males running low on fertility and unable to produce a child also become uninterested lovers. Ayurvedic sex enhancer pills for men are wonderful supplements to eradicate ED problems and improve intensity of pleasure during romantic moments to heighten male's interest in lovemaking. These make a male fertile and capable of providing maximum pleasure to female partner which spice-up their love-life.

Ageing and metabolic disorders - Ageing slows down functions of all the systems of the body. This causes reduction in male's vitality, strength and stamina and also weakens reproductive system and organs. Many males face severe and early signs of ageing. Such males either have higher toxicity induced by medicines, bad habits like alcohol and poor diet or due to unhealthy lifestyle. These males go down on libido pretty quickly and severely. Free-radicals, which grow with age cause ageing quickly and are responsible for cell and tissue damages. Metabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes, poor digestion and numerous other conditions also raise toxicity, promote free-radical growth and weaken organs and systems to lower libido and vitality of a male. All of these are causes of lesser desire for lovemaking in males.

Ayurvedic Sex Enhancer Pills for Men

Kaunch Shakti capsules are herbal preparations made after using Kaunch, Ashwagandha and Shatavari herbs renowned in Ayurveda for wonderful health benefits. Kaunch is highly beneficial herb which maintains secretion of growth and youth hormones in body higher. The level of these hormones declines with age which is also referred as process of ageing.A person goes down on strength, energy and vitality due to declining levels of these hormones. Reduction in level of these hormones also stops physical growth and slows down regenerating powers of body. It is noticed that young people have faster healing of wounds, higher vigour, carefree attitude and fearlessness etc. due to optimum level of these hormones. As a person age level of youth hormones decline due to which these characteristics begin to normalize and in later age person becomes completely opposite what he or she used to be at young age. Modern lifestyle has created a problem in lives of males and females, it can cause sudden drop in levels of growth and youth hormones to raise depressing and frustrating symptoms and harm health and potency of a person.

Kaunch herb maintains release of hormones which maintain metabolism, absorption of nutrients and regenerating powers of the body to keep a person protected from side effects of stress caused by lifestyle and dietary issues. This herb also protects from side effects of medication and genetically obtained disorders to maintain energy, fitness and stamina of a person higher. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules work as herbal male sex enhancer pills due to presence of Kaunch as main ingredient. These pills by maintaining vitality and energy of a person higher and promoting healthy levels of youth hormones keep a male keener and capable lover for longer period in life. These herbal male sex enhancer pills help a male from recovering effects of illnesses, bad habits and ageing and regaining lost potency and virility naturally and safely.

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules are most popular herbal sex enhancer capsules for men in India. These supplements treat disorders which hinder process of gaining erections and cure problem of weak and soft erections by regenerating tissues and strengthening blood vessels. These heighten level of testosterone hormone to increase male libido and prevent frigidity in males at any point of life. Higher energy and vitality promoted by these pills keep a male in sound emotional and mental health. Kaunch herb is nerve tonic. It treats disorders related to nervous system, promotes nerve relaxation and repair damaged nerves effectively. The benefits of Kaunch for nerves are so immense that it is recommended for treating Parkinson's.

Presence of Kaunch in Kaunch Shakti capsules make them powerful supplements for sound nervous system and improved brain functions. Sound mental health prevents a male from becoming habitual of unnatural practices and avoid unnecessary arousals and stimulations. Strong nerves and healthy emotional status cures problem of PE and allow a male to make love as long as he wishes to in each session. Combined effects of all the herbs present in these pills increase sperm count and improve volume of semen to boost-up male's fertility as well. These pills along with libido enhancing properties are potent natural remedies for diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. These improve urinary system and keep digestive system healthy and upbeat.

Ashwagandha and Shatavari are other ingredients of Kaunch Shakti capsules which add further variety to properties and benefits of these pills. Ashwagandha is hormonal balancer and aphrodisiac. It is nutritive and metabolism enhancer and improves body's regenerating powers. It keeps immunity higher, improves brain functions and sharpens memory. Along with Kaunch this herb complete nutrition and rejuvenate entire health by taking care of physical and mental abilities of a male to improve overall quality of life. Shatavari has powerful properties to maintain strength and performance of reproductive organs. It moistens respiratory tract and also keeps bowel movements regular and healthy.

This herb is immunity enhancer and supplements antioxidants to delay process of ageing. These pills are prepared after processing herbs in decoction of other herbs. The decoction infuses extra properties in main herbs and invigorates their innate properties to make pills even more beneficial. This also eradicates impurities and contaminations which make them completely safe and harmless. Kaunch Shakti herbal male libido enhancer capsules for men in India are used by men from all age-groups and so far none has reported any side effect. Thanks to prolific herbs and impeccable method of preparation. These supplements are beneficial for females too and eliminate many frustrating disorders in them. These grow muscle mass and muscular endurance and work as nutritive supplements for males leading strenuous lifestyle.

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