Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Testosterone

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone In Men

Low testosterone in men is not a problem if it occurs due to natural process of body. Declining levels of this hormone due to age are believed to restore sanity in males and focus on other things and aspects of life than copulation, adventures and outdoor activities. Testosterone hormone makes man a man. This hormone brings changes in appearance and psyche of a young boy. Secretion of this hormone promotes growth of facial hairs, deepens voice, enlarges testicles, increase desire for lovemaking, promotes muscular enlargement and imparts manly verve. This hormone is at its peak around age of 20 years, but later than that every decade males face consistent decline in the levels which gradually reduces their physical capacity by reducing muscle mass and muscular endurance, also slows down mental functions, reduces risk-taking and adventurous nature and most importantly reduces libido and reproductive system functions.

Gradual decline in the levels of this hormone are generally easily acceptable by males as part of ageing, but problem of low testosterone is identified when male at relatively young age experience sudden drop in levels of testosterone which raises depressing symptoms. Very low levels of this hormone can take a male into depression and harm his love-life and overall quality of life considerably. There are methods which elevate level of this hormone in male body. Hormonal replacement therapy is widely recommended to males who suffer with low testosterone but this therapy is full of side effects as it supplements hormones which can throw other glands off-balance. Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone is safe and highly effective method to increase testosterone levels naturally.

When males experience drop in levels of testosterone hormone changes in their looks also begin to appear. Males beyond age of 30 years begin to experience side effects of low hormonal levels. Receding hairline and hair fall or bald spots are symptoms of low testosterone in men. Fat gain particularly around waist is also symptom of low testosterone in men although this can be caused due to other reasons as well like obesity, sitting jobs and lethargic lifestyle. Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone not only brings healthy level of this hormone but also reverse the side effects of the problem. The major setback due to low testosterone in men is slowness and less intense desire for lovemaking or low libido. This hormone maintains testicular functions and sensation in genital region, lower level of this hormone slowdown function of reproductive system and even causes impotency by lowering sperm count and causing erection problems. Problems like these at young age can be devastating for male's self-esteem and confidence.

Along with testosterone males also experience drop in level of growth hormones which also deplete vitality and stamina. Ayurvedic herbal treatment for low testosterone reverses ill-effects of reduction in health promoting hormones over male's physical and mental health. It maintains level of hormones in proper balance and also improves functions of glands. Herbal treatment for low testosterone is safe for males of all ages and is completely free of side effects.

Symptoms and Causes of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels produce sexual and non-sexual symptoms both. These can arrive in any sequence but all of these keep on progressing if proper steps are not taken.

  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Disenchantment towards lovemaking
  • Reducing volume of semen
  • Poor energy and vitality
  • Muscular atrophy, depleting muscle mass
  • Thinning of bones
  • Bone fragility or powdery bones
  • Fat gain and deposition of fat particularly around waist
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Health issues like anaemia.
  • Hair loss

Apart from ageing there are numerous other causes of low testosterone. There are many types of diseases and disorders which cause steep drop in level of testosterone hormone. Commonly found disorders responsible for causing drop in testosterone are as follows.

  • Chronic kidney or liver disease or toxicity of these organs
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease or frequent cold
  • Auto-immune disorder
  • Higher presence of prolactin due to prolactin secreting tumour in pituitary gland.

Amongst other causes of low testosterone following one's are most common.

  • Metabolic disorder like diabetes particularly type2
  • Heart failure
  • HIV infection
  • Mumps
  • Testicular injuries, cancer or surgeries.
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism
  • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy
  • Exposure to X-rays, chemicals and heavy metals
  • Use of opioids, steroids, sedatives, corticosteroids etc.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Testosterone

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules are most effective supplements for fast and dependable Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone. These pills increase testosterone levels naturally and reverse side effects of the problem to provide a male optimum vitality, sound mental health and higher potency and virility. Low testosterone Ayurvedic treatment affects the problem from two sides. It increases production of this hormone in testicles and protect produced hormone from damages. These two advantages handle the problem occurring due to any reason and provide safe and fast low testosterone Ayurvedic treatment. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules enhance supply of nutrition to testicles, these pills possess nutritive herbs which remove deficiencies and provide wide range of nutrients in bioavailable form. These also protect cells from damages and maintain optimum health of testicles.

The production and release of testosterone hormone is monitored by pituitary gland, healthy link between testicles and pituitary gland is necessary for optimum production of this hormone, Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules provide fast, safe and holistic low testosterone Ayurvedic treatment by improving link between pituitary and testicles and increasing production of this hormone. The strong and powerful herbs of these supplements supress presence of harmful hormones in blood, these handle conditions like prolactinoma which scavenges healthy testosterone hormone and makes it unusable and also treat conditions like prolactin secreting tumours in pituitary gland. The herbal ingredients of these pills provide low testosterone herbal treatment by suppressing rheumatism or autoimmune disorder and improve immunity system to curb toxin presence and viral infections which cause low level of this hormone.

Musli and Kaunch herbs used in these supplements are highly beneficial in metabolizing sugar and maintain healthy sugar levels in people suffering with diabetes. These supplements also improve fat metabolism and control cholesterol levels to fight back obesity and also reverse damaging effects of medicines, treatments and pollutants. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules provide super-charged antioxidants. These are anti-ageing compounds which delay process of ageing and keep organs in pristine health. These compounds protect cells from oxidative stress and maintain blood vessels healthy. These compounds keep glands healthy and in proper functions to maintain presence of health promoting hormones and suppress release of harmful hormones and also check age-induced decline in levels of growth hormones and testosterone.

These supplements increase testosterone levels naturally and provide Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone which boost-up male's potency and virility, it also increases his fertility and cure issues like ED, PE and low semen volume effectively. Low testosterone herbal treatment is beneficial for increasing production of healthy and motile sperms in higher number. Along with reproductive functions this hormone maintain male's vitality, increases muscle mass and provides fitness and strength to body by increasing bone and muscle strength. This hormone keeps mind alert and sharp and maintains male's verve to keep him away from psychological problems like depression, anxiety etc.

Herbal Treatment to Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is one of the most vital hormones which body produces. It is not only vital for males but also for females. Low libido, poor muscular endurance and loss of vigour are major implications of low level of this hormone. Herbal treatment for low testosterone levels is safe and fast, it does not cause any side effects and is suitable for males of all ages. The major advantage of herbal treatment for low testosterone levels is that it reverses damages and weaknesses caused by the problem as well. Males not only achieve optimum level of this crucial hormone but also gain virility and vitality to lead a passionate life.

Herbal treatment for low testosterone is helpful in eliminating male infertility. The all-round effects of herbs improve male's sperm count and sperm motility and also increase his semen volume. These are efficient treatments for poor prostate gland functions and cure problems like urinary obstruction, semen with urine and painful urination. Due to fat, obesity, sitting jobs males have blocked blood vessels and sperm canals which weaken his genital organs and hinder ejaculation of sperms completely. Herbal treatment for low testosterone is highly beneficial as it resolves these problems too effectively and enhances flow of blood by opening-up blocked blood vessels and allows smooth and complete ejaculation of sperms to maximize chances of conception.

The anti-ageing properties of these supplements along with low testosterone herbal treatment delay process of ageing and reenergize male body internally. It boosts-up energy levels, stamina and strength, and rejuvenate musculoskeletal system to provide fitness and agility. It also improves functions of vital systems like cardiac, respiratory, digestive and urinary to keep physical health sound. By promoting hormonal balance it improves mental alertness and sharpness and relieves psychological disorders. People who have undergone treatments or have taken medicines for long term suffer with internal disorders and weaknesses due to damages caused to organs. These supplements eliminate weaknesses and repair damages to improve health. These supplements also establish healthy eating and sleeping pattern and prevent stress.

Herbal ingredients of Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules improve liver and kidney functions.These pills cleanse these organs from toxins induced by medicines or harmful food and drinks like alcohol.These also increase urinary output and help in clearing stones in kidneys. By enhancing functions of these organs these supplements keep blood purified and maintain optimum nutritional and oxygen supply to each and every cell of body.

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