Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Low Sperm Count

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Low Sperm Count

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count is one of the major causes of male infertility. It not only prevents a male from becoming father but have severe psychological impact too. Males cannot accept that they are incapable of producing a child and in other words impotent. This thought hurts their self-esteem severely and can alter their personality. Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count is most effective and beneficial, it alleviates problem of low sperm count safely and also provides numerous other benefits which spice-up a male's love-life. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules come loaded with herbs which are prolific in improving male's overall potency and vitality. These herbs are capable of resolving issues related to male reproductive system singlehandedly and trusted since ancient times for safe, fast and long-lasting results, Kaunch and herbs from Musli family both are nutritive, curative and aphrodisiac. In combination these herbs leave no aspect of the problem untouched and are capable of handling all the possible causes of the problem to provide holistic Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count. This herbal treatment for infertility in men works irrespective of one's age, these herbal supplements can show positive results even in elderly males without causing any side effect.

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules eliminate internal malfunctions which slowdown testicular functions to reduce number of healthy and motile sperms. Testicles produce sperms and any harm caused to these organs in the form of injuries, infections or surgeries, or by deficiencies, toxins, free-radicals or poor nutrition can reduce number of healthy sperms. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules treat all these conditions effectively and boost-up testicular functions to increase production of healthy and motile sperms in higher number. This herbal infertility treatment in men improves glandular functions which are necessary for sending signals to testicles and stimulate sperm production.

In most of the cases sperm count in males is healthy but sperm get damaged after production which reduces their number. Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count addresses all the possible causes which can damage healthy sperms and create their scarcity. Higher presence of hormones which scavenge sperms, toxins and autoimmune disorder are primary causes of low sperm count due to sperm damage. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules provide holistic herbal treatment for infertility in men by maintaining level of harmful hormones under control and curbing immune system malfunctions. This Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count along with increasing production protects healthy sperms and maintains their motility to enhance male's fertility and potency.

Low testosterone levels, poor prostate gland functions and blockages in blood vessels and sperm canals are other causes of low sperm count and poor fertility in males. Herbal treatment for infertility in men treats enlargement or inflammation of prostate gland effectively. Enlarged prostate gland blocks urinary canal and prevent complete ejaculation of semen. Lesser volume of semen contains lesser number of sperms which are insufficient to impregnate a woman. Healthy prostate gland produces seminal fluids in higher number. These fluids are vital for protecting and nourishing sperms after ejaculation. Males suffer with poor fertility due to low seminal fluid volume and are unable to produce child as sperms die before reaching woman's egg. By shrinking enlarged or inflamed prostate gland back to normal size Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules provide fast and effective Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count. Kaunch and Musli herbs possess powerful and active antioxidants. These are wonderful supplements for opening-up blocked blood and sperm canals. Clear blood vessels supply nutrients to testicles and maintain their functions while clear sperm canals allow smooth and complete ejaculation of sperms. These benefits maximize chances of conception and allow male to achieve fatherhood easily.

Low testosterone level makes entire male reproductive system lethargic. It is needed to keep male's libido higher and maintain supply of energy and nutrition towards male reproductive system. Scarcity of this hormone slows down functions of all the organs of male genital region, raises sexual disorders and malfunctions. Its scarcity reduces frequency of lovemaking and cause issues which promote involuntary loss of semen. Regular loss of semen causes debility in body and exhausts reproductive system to cause impotency. Herbal treatment for infertility in men stops loss of semen, increase male's frequency of lovemaking and heighten his libido to maximize chances of reproduction. These herbs are powerful anti-ageing and reverse ill-effects of growing age over male fertility. The rich and powerful antioxidants present in these pills and properties of the herbs to elevate level of growth and youth hormones work well for elderly males as well and increase fertility in men

Increase Male Fertility and Potency

Males need at least 20 million sperms per ml of semen for maximum chances of conception. Out of these at least 50% of sperms should be progressively moving. The sperms which are progressively moving shall have at least 75% rapidly moving sperms. Males having lesser number than these, have less chances of impregnating a woman and face difficulty in extending progeny. Apart from numbers males suffering with low semen volume which may be due to lesser volume of seminal fluids or improper transfer of sperms from testicles to urethra also suffer with poor fertility. When a male ejaculates the sperms and seminal fluids are ejaculated, sperms come out of testicles into urethra and seminal fluids from prostate gland, in urethra these get mixed and ejaculated out from tip of male organ.

Seminal fluid nourishes sperms and keeps them protected so that sperms in higher number travel through female's passage and reach uterus to fertilize egg. Males having low volume of seminal fluids suffer with infertility because sperms die before reaching uterus and are not able to fertilize egg of woman. Poor quality of semen due to involuntary loss through wet dreams, semen with urine or other disorders is also major cause of male infertility. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules are Ayurvedic capsules to increase sperm count which increase fertility in men by alleviating all these issues simultaneously. Apart from these low sperm count Ayurvedic treatment provided by Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules takes care of factors which cause damage to healthy sperms make them inactive and infertile and also shield ill-effects of ageing over male fertility.

Ayurvedic capsules to increase sperm count affect male's health in three ways to increase fertility in men. These capsules supplement bioactive nutrients in the form of protein, carbs, fibre, minerals and vitamins in optimum dosage. These nutrients get absorbed in the body and produce energy, rejuvenate organs, improve functions of systems and eliminate debilities and weaknesses. These supplements maintain secretion of growth hormones and testosterone to keep male's metabolism, absorption of nutrition and performance of reproductive system higher. Hormonal balance reenergize entire male body and bring in him youthful vigour and capacities to make love. Low sperm count Ayurvedic treatment clear harmful compounds present in blood like toxins and free-radicals. It also eliminates infectious agents and curbs their activities. These supplements work as anti-ageing and reverse signs and weaknesses of ageing. It opens-up constricted and blocked blood vessels and makes blood flow smooth and also protects cells and tissues from damages caused by free-radicals. By affecting the problem from three sides Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules provide low sperm count treatment which is long-lasting and complete. This works for males of all ages, males at later stage of life or suffering with disorders like diabetes, thyroid malfunctions, hypertension, anaemia, low testosterone levels and poor nervous system also get benefitted by using these supplements in short time.

Kaunch and Musli herbs both are aphrodisiac and nutritive.These are energizing herbs and rejuvenate health, and also treat numerous disorders in the body. Kaunch herb is renowned for improving nervous system and brain functions.It is rich source of L-DOPA which produces neurotransmitters in brain and increase brain neural activity. The action of this herb maintain healthy chemical balance in brain which eventually sharpen brain functions and eliminate weaknesses like exhaustion, mental lethargy, weak memory, poor focus etc. These also treat psychological problems and keep a male mentally sharp, clear and alert. Kaunch and Musli herbs both elevate level of growth hormones and youth hormones. These hormones speed-up metabolism,absorption of nutrients and reenergize sluggish and weak organs. Youth hormones produced by these herbs particularly testosterone boost-up reproductive system functions, brain functions and muscular endurance to improve vitality and virility of a male. Both Kaunch and Musli herbs possess anti-ageing properties and wide range of strong and powerful antioxidants. These are immunity enhancers as well and curb issues like autoimmune disorder. These herbs are renowned for rejuvenating health and improving regenerating powers of body. In combination these herbs make Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules most prolific supplements to enhance male fertility, vitality and virility at any age.

Males suffering with disorders or taking treatments which include medicines harmful for optimum reproductive system functions also get benefitted by using these pills. Males who have been in habit of alcohol intake or smoke excessively suffer with toxicity and poor nerve functions also recover fast by using these supplements and enjoy their love-life to the fullest. Toxic liver and kidneys increase toxicity in blood which damage organs and also harm male's fertility and vitality. These supplements improve liver and kidney functions, cleanse colon and improve heart health to heighten energy, stamina, strength and virility of a male. Males suffering with debilitating conditions like asthma, arthritis or digestive disorders also enjoy much higher energy and stamina by using these supplements. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules can be used by male of any age for desired effects. These are supplements of choice and do not require any medical prescription before use. The herbal nature makes them safe for regular and prolonged use by male of any age.

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