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Benefits of Safed Musli

Benefits of Safed Musli are varied and immense. This herb has been used since ancient times in Ayurveda for alleviating health disorders related to men's health. Therapeutic benefits of Safed Musli have made it necessary ingredient of various Ayurvedic formulations, but recently its aphrodisiac properties which increase testosterone levels naturally have increased use of this herb as supplement and medicine even more. Benefits of Safed Musli are largely attributed to its composition. This herb contains 35-40% carbs and 25-35% fibre. The carbohydrates supplemented by this herb are wonderful for keeping muscles energized and preventing muscular atrophy.

Safed Musli is used as nutritive tonic for males and females both. It is energy booster and grows muscles.It keeps muscle energized and strong and improves energy levels in asthmatic condition. There are amazing Safed Musli benefits of women too. It has shown remarkable properties in improving health of uterus and protecting foetus. Women with history of miscarriages are recommended for safe pregnancy. Women facing problems in conception due to changing dates of ovulation are also advised to use this herb. Increasing production of milk and improving flow of milk in lactating mothers are other Safed Musli benefits.

Improvement in fat metabolism is one of the major health benefits of Safed Musli. This herb and its tuber roots possess active and powerful fibre which improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Higher fat metabolism produces energy by allowing absorption of fat into fatty acids to increase overall energy levels. Safed Musli benefits are wonderful in treating conditions like fatigue, lethargy, weaknesses, poor vitality etc. and also improve level of energy in people suffering with asthma. This herb increases conversion rate of LDL the harmful fat into HDL which is good fat. By promoting higher level of HDL this herb reduces chances of heart conditions and keeps blood vessels free from blockages. Increasing activity of vitamin C and antioxidants are other major Safed Musli benefits.

Improving male's potency, virility and libido are most popular Safed Musli benefits. This herb is aphrodisiac in nature and increase testosterone levels naturally without causing any side effects or hormonal imbalance. This hormone gets depleted in male body after age of 20 years consistently, drop in level of this hormone reduce male's libido and also supply of energy towards his reproductive system. Change in level of testosterone hormone brings lesser desire for lovemaking and less intense arousals which makes love-life inactive and dull. By elevating level of testosterone hormone Safed Musli benefits ageing males and bring back their natural attraction towards lovemaking.

In young males it increases libido and cure problems like fatigue and also increase sperm count and semen volume. Young males leading busy lifestyle getting lesser time for exercises and sleep experience sudden and sharp drop in level of testosterone and energy levels. Safed Musli benefits are wonderful in improving desire and drive and impart higher stamina and potency to perform in bed intensely. Low testosterone in men apart from poor reproductive functions is also responsible for causing muscular atrophy and dull brain functions. Low testosterone in men can bring depressing and anxious thoughts and harms male's verve and vigour. Safed Musli is used in every Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone due to its amazing properties to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Safed Musli is prolific in reducing plaque and its deposition in arteries. It maintains healthy lipid profiles and cure problems like leucorrhoea in women. It provides faster recovery during post-natal conditions and is beneficial in strengthening reproductive system of males and females both. This herb is recommended in asthmatic and arthritic conditions for improving energy levels and functions of joints to keep a person agile and active.

Benefits of Kaunch

Kaunch benefits are largely attributed to high presence of protein and carbs in the herb. By supplementing absorbable protein and complex carb Kaunch benefits in growing muscles and increasing their endurance. Benefits of Kaunch make it very suitable supplement for sportspersons. Oral consumption of Mucuna Pruriens increases muscle mass which improves bodily strength and higher supplementation of carbs keep muscles energized. Mucuna Pruriens benefits allow muscles to recuperate quickly from exhaustion and protect them from injuries caused by regular strain. Kapikachhu is anti-spasmodic and analgesic too, these benefits of Kaunch make it wonderful herb for healing muscular injuries, sprain and strain. Mucuna Pruriens benefits prevent muscular spasms and relieve swelling and pain to keep them active and healthy.

Hypoglycemic and hypotensive properties are other benefits of Kaunch. These Mucuna Pruriens benefits suppress many disorders which get settled in due to high blood sugar and blood pressure. This herb helps in proper metabolism of sugar and controls level of excess fluid in blood to maintain blood pressure, healthy blood sugar and pressure relieves pressure on heart and improves energy levels to make Kapikachhu beneficial supplement for health. Mucuna Pruriens has higher concentration of L-Dopa. This combines with Dopamine to provide Mucuna Pruriens benefits. Higher presence of L-Dopa in Kapikachhu make it wonderful herb for treating nervous system disorders.

Mucuna Pruriens has been administered in people suffering with Parkinson's and it showed heartening positive results in a short time. Kapikachhu is extremely beneficial for people recovering from alcoholism, excessive smoking and health issues like diabetes which are particularly severe on nerves of body. Strong nervous system and treatment of weak nerves are major benefits of Kaunch. Mucuna Pruriens is also used for treating nerve pain. Neuroasthenic properties are other important Kapikachhu benefits.

Amongst all Kapikachhu benefits ability of this herb to enhance male's potency and virility are most popular. Kaunch benefits in elevating level of testosterone hormone which is vital for improving performance and energy of reproductive system. Kaunch increase testosterone levels naturally and provides most dependable Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone. Regular use of this herb increases flow of blood towards genital region. It improves functions of testicles and enhances secretion of testosterone hormone.It also cures urinary disorders which are popular Kapikachhu benefits.

L-Dopa present in Kaunch combines with dopamine to increase level of testosterone hormone; other Kaunch benefits are its ability to suppress excess prolactin release by pituitary gland. Prolactin scavenges testosterone and makes it unusable causing problems related to erections and lower male potency. Optimum potency and higher libido are major Kaunch benefits which improve male's fertility and ability to perform in bed. Higher reserves of L-Dopa, which later gets converted into Dopamine, present in this herb provide Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone.

Kaunch benefits in treating intestinal gas, diarrhoea, diabetes, cough, rheumatic disorder, muscular pain, menstrual pain and tuberculosis. Eliminating renal calculi and providing antifungal and antibacterial properties are other Kapikachhu benefits. Kaunch benefits in controlling blood cholesterol and fights back obesity. It is restorative for central nervous system and stimulates secretion of sex hormones. Strengthening reproductive glands are other important Kaunch benefits which increase libido in males and females both and maintain their fertility.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Testosterone

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Testosterone

Kaunch and Safed Musli are herbs which have been used since ancient times for curing problem of low testosterone in men. Low level of testosterone hormones are severely debilitating for men. People often assume that testosterone hormone is main male sex hormone and its low level are harmful for male's potency only but it is not true. This hormone has many other vital functions which can alter one's personality and looks too. Males are very proud of their masculinity. Occurrence of impotency due to low testosterone in men can be depressing and can make males irritated and frustrated. If young male suffers with low testosterone it can be devastating for his self-esteem and pride. Kaunch and Safed Musli herbs are highly beneficial and provide fast and long-lasting Ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone.

Kaunch and Safed Musli both are aphrodisiac, which means that both of these herbs possess abilities to treat low testosterone in men. These herbs supplement nutrients which are required by the body to maintain optimum functions of testicles. Testosterone hormone is produced in testicles; these herbs enhance flow of blood towards male genital region and maintain supply of nutrients and oxygen towards male reproductive system. These herbs possess minerals which dilate blood vessels to overcome hindrances posted by blockages and maintain smooth blood flow. Optimum nutritional supply and oxygenation of cells boost-up testicular functions and promote production of testosterone hormone.

Low testosterone is not caused by poor testicular functions alone; many males suffer with low level of this hormone because of higher presence of hormones which damage testosterone to create its scarcity. Prolactin is one of the major causes of low testosterone in men. Kaunch and Safed Musli both are capable herbs which suppress higher presence of prolactin and protect healthy testosterone hormone. These maintain healthy pituitary gland functions so that prolactin hormone is not released in excess and maintain male's libido and potency. Presence of toxins in blood also cause hormonal fluctuations and deplete level of all health promoting hormones. Hormonal imbalance is another major cause of low testosterone levels. Kaunch and Safed Musli herbs are prolific hormonal balancers which maintain functions of glands. Healthy glandular functions maintain hormonal balance in body and prevent problem of low testosterone from occurring.

Testosterone hormone is vital for maintaining muscular endurance. Males suffering with low level of this hormone complain about tiredness and inability to perform activities for longer duration, Low level of this hormone also causes disenchantment, this disenchantment is towards lovemaking and towards all kinds of activities which generally males enjoy happily. Low testosterone levels deplete male's verve and make him lethargic, these can even take him into depression as male loses his confidence and suffers with severe anxiety. Low testosterone levels lower functions of male reproductive system and by depleting testicular functions also harm his fertility. This hormone when not in optimum level promotes fat deposition particularly around waist and also slowdown growth of hairs.

These herbs are nutritive and treat various disorders and diseases by elevating immune system functions. These possess powerful anti-toxin and antimicrobial properties which keep body free from debilitating disorders and ailments. Combination of these herbs treat disorders like high blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure which improve cardiac functions, energy levels and keep mental health sound of a person. These herbs are anti-ageing and supplement active and powerful antioxidants which scavenge free-radicals and slowdown process of ageing. These herbs are beneficial for men of all ages and can be used safely without worrying about side effects.

Herbal Testosterone Booster Pills

Herbal Testosterone Booster Pills

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules are herbal preparations designed with powerful herbs from Musli family Safed, Sya and Semal Musli and Kaunch. These herbs are processed in decoction of Ashwagandha, Bala, Sya and Semal Musli before use. Processing herbsin decoction of other herbs is an old process to refine herbs so that these contain pure nutrition and all compounds which can slowdown or reduce nutritional powers of these herbs are eliminated. The processing of herbs also improves their potency and efficacy which makes Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules powerful herbal testosterone booster pills.

Musli and Kaunch are aphrodisiac and nutritive. These possess properties which increase production of testosterone hormone and also protect healthy hormone from damages caused by harmful hormones free-radicals and toxins. These herbs maintain level of this vital hormone in male body to keep libido higher. Deficiencies in male body also contribute in causing low testosterone levels. Herbal testosterone booster pills are wonderfully beneficial supplements which eliminate deficiencies and fill-in nutritional gaps. These herbal testosterone booster pills provide male body complete range of nutrition and also ensure supply of nutrition and oxygen to testicles for sound health of entire reproductive system.

Herbal testosterone booster pills improve muscular endurance and prevent muscular atrophy. These supplements are energy boosters and are recommended to people suffering with fatigue and lethargy due to deficiencies, poor metabolism and health conditions like asthma, diabetes etc. Herbal testosterone booster pills are rich sources of antioxidants. These compounds are anti-ageing and suppress free-radical mechanism. These protect cells from oxidative stress and maintain tissue strength. Use of these supplements metabolizes fat faster to control high cholesterol and bring down excess weight. These supplements also improve protein metabolism and synthesis and grow muscles. These herbal testosterone booster pills increase flow of blood towards male and female genital region and strengthen organs. Along with testosterone levels these supplements are recommended to treat issues like ED and PE and leucorrhoea in women.

These supplements are amazingly beneficial for nervous system of the body. These work as restorative for central nervous system and relieve nerve related pains in the body. Improved nervous system is great for sound mental health and protects body from diseases and slow healing of wounds. People struggling with side effects of diabetes or facing withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, smoking etc. all gain sound and healthy nervous system by using these supplements. These supplements maintain healthy sugar level sin blood by improving sugar metabolism. Proper sugar metabolism keeps regular supply of energy to muscles and allows them to stay stronger and recuperate quickly from exhaustion.

The herbal ingredients of these pills improve flow of blood all over body and maintain blood pressure within healthy limits. These supplements are hypotensive and protect heart from strain. Herbal testosterone booster pills increase level of HDL and lower level of LDL. These cure urinary disorders and are also immensely beneficial in treating toxic kidneys and renal calculi. The herbal ingredients of these supplements are diuretic and increase urinary output to maintain healthy fluid level in blood and keep kidneys clear. These treat digestive disorders and maintain upbeat metabolism to maintain male's vitality for longer period in life.

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules by elevating testosterone levels cure many types of disorders in males which creep-up either due to low testosterone or due to other factors like poor vitality, weak nervous system, health conditions, medications etc. Males in habit of hand-practice, alcohol intake, smoking etc. leading lethargic lifestyle, using steroids or sedatives since long time and suffering with psychological issues face these depressing disorders generally. Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules are rejuvenating and repair damages cause by bad habits, health disorders and dietary and lifestyle related issues, these also eliminate side effectsof hand-practice etc. and boost-up male's potency and virility in a short time.

These supplements provide fitness and strength by improving musculoskeletal system of the body and improve health by strengthening digestive, circulatory, urinary and cardiac system of the body. These supplements provide range of nutrients and boost-up reproductive system functions to improve quality of one's life. These supplements are effective aids to cure male female infertility and increase sperm count in males and cure menstrual irregularities in females effectively.

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